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The Spray Foam Difference

Insulation Experts

At Lange Spray Foam we serve residential and commercial insulation customers in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. We’ve helped our customers protect and insulate their homes and businesses for over 5 years.

We provide an exceptional level of customer service and we use only the highest quality products. We utilize the foam with the highest R-Value per inch to ensure our customer’s investment will provide value for many years to come.

The Spray Foam Difference

There are so many reasons why spray foam insulation is superior to traditional fiberglass insulation. With our years of experience serving insulation customers, we’ve identified the main reasons that a homeowner or business is better off making the investment in spray foam.


The Benefits of Spray Foam Over Traditional Insulation:


You need 1/3 less energy to heat and cool a spray foamed home vs. fiberglass.


You will break even on your initial investment in 18 months and enjoy energy savings every month there after.


Spray foam meets insulation code in 2×4 walls.


Spray foam is an extremely effective vapor barrier at 1″ thick.


Since spray foam is so durable it even adds structural integrity to your home or business.