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Insulation Removal

Leading Insulation Removal Contractors in Minnesota

Your Spray Foam Experts

Old, damaged insulation can decrease your building’s overall comfort and energy efficiency. At Lange Spray Foam, our insulation removal contractors in MN are well-versed in insulation removal and reinstallation jobs. We have the skills and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient process from start to finish.

Insulation is one of the best investments you can make to lower your energy consumption. However, the presence of dirt, water, dust, and pests can reduce its effectiveness over time. Air leaks and water damage can trigger mold growth and structural problems.

By investing in insulation removal and replacement in MN, you protect your building and its occupants from various health and safety risks.

Why Work With Lange Spray Foam

Safe, Hassle-free Process

Insulation removal is relatively quick and easy. When done right, it can make a major difference in your daily life and monthly budget. We guarantee safe disposal of damaged insulation and minimal disruption to your property.

Reliable Insulation Removal and Replacement Specialists

Our fully licensed and bonded contractors employ proven removal methods and advanced equipment to ensure the highest quality results.

The Installation Process

Insulation removal in MN is a messy and time-consuming process. Our team will help prepare the worksite, cover surrounding walls and floors with protective material, and clear the area of contaminants.

We use specialized industrial vacuums to completely remove the old material. We can eliminate outdated insulation from individual rooms or from an entire building.

Once the old insulation has been removed, we can apply new spray foam insulation. Our insulation contractors will help identify the appropriate R-value and products to maximize cost savings and keep temperatures well regulated.

When to Replace Insulation

In general, insulation needs to be removed when it is:

  • Damp or Wet
  • Moldy
  • Damaged by fire or a severe weather event
  • Dirty or Dusty

Worn-out installation can translate into high electric bills and poor indoor air quality. Once the insulation is starting to show inconsistencies and frequent leaks, have it removed and replaced as soon as possible. The longer you delay insulation removal, the more you will spend in the long run.

Unsure if your insulation needs replacing? Our team will carefully assess the status of your insulation and determine whether it needs to be removed. We help spot and resolve potential issues before they escalate into higher expenses.