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Why You Should NOT Take on a DIY Spray Foam Project

While many swear by the utility of expanding spray foam for DIY projects at home, they often leave out the full story. The truth is, without the proper training, equipment, and experience, the installation of spray foam can lead to some pretty inconvenient, pretty messy and sometimes even unsafe, complications.

Even with the best online resources out there, you may end up causing a mess or even cause damage around your worksite you if you tackle spray foam yourself.

This piece will discuss the most compelling reasons for passing on that DIY spray foam project to a pro.

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The most compelling reason to avoid DIY spray form projects is the many safety concerns surrounding its use. Since spray foam is made up of two chemical components that are mixed together onsite, strict adherence to mixing ratios is important for both the safety and the effectiveness of the insulation. In addition, if your home has insulation that needs removal, you could also be exposing yourself to hazards like asbestos and mold. Professional contractors have the equipment, protective gear, and the know-how to remove old insulation, as well as the know-how to mix and install spray foam insulation, safely. By choosing an experienced and insured company to apply spray foam, a building owner can significantly reduce the chances of a problem occurring during application.


Most people who opt for DIY solutions think that it will save them money. They point to cost as one of their major reasons for doing DIY. The reality is that DIY spray foam kits are actually about the same cost (or more) than hiring a spray foam company. You can get an estimate and make the comparison.

Additionally, going the DIY spray foam route you are more likely to call for professional assistance after finishing the project because of the mess. It is difficult to get spray foam right the first time, especially if you have little to no experience. In some cases, professionals may even spend more time undoing your mishaps than they would otherwise have done if they did the job themselves the first time. In that case it would cost more money to have to have a pro undo then redo the work.

Although you may think the price tag of DIY spray foam is cheaper, but reality is that cost is about the same, and going with a professional will save you headaches.


Of course, the final compelling reason for forgoing that DIY spray foam project is because it can be incredibly inconvenient. Doing a precise, clean, safe, and quick spray foam job is not as simple as pointing and spraying. There is a lot of planning, prepping, testing and clean up involved. Many just want to avoid this entirely.

Take Away

If you want a safe, cost-effective, and convenient spray foam job, you’re better off letting the professionals do the work. Even if you have the equipment, the know-how, and the time, it may not be enough to guarantee good results. Hiring a professional to do this job remains the only way to guarantee that the job is done well and safely.

Take the better route. Request an estimate for our spray foam insulation services for your Minnesota home today.

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